The Cells Were Found To Develop Into Mature Dopamine Neurons.

Excessive sugar in the blood can cause damage to the blood vessels, including the ones in the retina, and this can cause vision impairment and even blindness. It is also observed that, people with a macular hole in one eye, have chances of developing this condition in the other eye too. The age-related macular degeneration arid is the main cause of blindness in the elderly. That is the reason why people suffering from purine related problems, like kidney diseases or gout, should limit the consumption of this food. It is observed that molokhia has 5 times more B1 and B2 vitamins than spinach. This is yet another vitamin recommended for optimal eye health. Papaya as an Aid for Digestion and Related Issues Given the richness of papaya in dietary Tiber, it acts as a natural remedy for common digestive problems, such as constipation. Relieves the Symptoms of Inflammation Phytochemicals from peppers defend against inflammation. If detected within six months of its occurrence, the affected person has better chances of vision recovery. Eating black grapes regularly can have a positive effect on brain function, as found out through animal studies.

Pineapple is believed to lower the risk of age related macular degeneration in people. Some foods that are rich in lute in include broccoli, spinach, kiwifruit, grapes, oranges and corn. The cells were found to develop into mature dopamine neurons. It is believed that gradual decline of eyesight has been attributed to damaging effects of free radicals on important parts of the eyes such as the rods, lens, cons and the retina. Bilberry supplements being rich in flavonoids antioxidants, can play a major role to keep the eye healthy. These vitamins play a crucial role in energy synthesis of ingested fats and carbohydrates.

Age-related macular degeneration